Picture of sunset over Mt. Evans Colorado as seen from 'Hillstone'This post is about ‘Allies’ and the importance in having them in our lives. I will begin discussing what an ‘ally’ means to me and how we tend to ‘forget’ what we are and how our allies can help us ‘remember ourselves’.

This term comes from the philosophy of G.I Gurdjieff and is referenced in the work of Carlos Castaneda.  Both refer to those people or groups that we use to further our metaphysical understanding of our selves, our lives and what we are.

It has been a long time since I first read about the ‘work’ in G.I. Gurdjieff’s terms and realize that there have been long periods of time in my life that I was ‘asleep’, according to his terms.

Although we all go in and out of this state of ‘consciousness’ or ‘unconsciousness’, learning to control our thoughts is an important key and having ‘allies’ is one way to help ourselves do so.

This is an ongoing conversation so… based on one comment, let me add that yes there are many types of allies in our lives, for example my friends Jim and Jeff’s alliance with me is based on Mt. Bike riding, however over time we have also built great friendships. This is one type of ally(or two if you count friendship). I believe all allies are good for each other, however, the type of ally in ‘the work’ which refers to our own ‘work on our higher selves’ is not necessarily a friend but one who is interested in the same type of ‘the work’ and helps us step out of our ‘normal waking state’ to a higher state of consciousness, which, by the way most of us can only remain in for short periods.

Any thoughts?