Initial stages of a new, custom bed project I’m working on in my new Florida custom furniture shop.

Custom footboard under construction for a client using locally harvested oak

Between major custom home building projects, which absorbed much of my time during the past 50+ years, there have always been thoughts about creating something new and fine. Of course, a new home needs complementary furnishings that artfully punctuate and complete the creation of a new home for its new owners. That’s what I’m currently totally focused on.  Especially, my passion for working with wood, metal and color has taken me at this advancing stage of my working life. (50+ years of joyful work and I still love it,)

For the ongoing intent of creating something exceptional, I’ve built a brand new shop, actually having gone so far as to add a very capable saw mill, too.  Milling raw materials for individual custom furniture projects just makes sense, especially after learning that woods ideal for such work cannot often be found at a lumber yard. That sawmill addition to my arsenal of woodworking tools will enable me to study every section of a harvested tree, envision how it can be best used to create outstanding custom furniture that is a delight to see and which  truly stands apart from mass produced, production run products.

Phase 2
Completed Custom Bed