Welcome to the One Little World web site, the muse of Steve Crook and friends, where custom furniture creation, songwriting, musical performance, art projects and philosophical discussions are presented to the world.
Picture of artisan Steve atop a granite rock high in a Colorado wilderness

Artisan Steve atop a granite rock high in a Colorado wilderness

With all the political change taking place recently in the world, it is easy to believe we are in deep trouble. Do not despair, however, because consciousness is slowly being raised, via meditation, prayer, music, art and social media. I believe in my country and in raising the world’s consciousness level. We can do our parts individually via our interactions with each other.

We can strive to greet everyone we meet with a smile and let our love flow out into the world. It starts within, and loving ourselves allows us to love others more with each moment. Being aware of our ‘source’ of consciousness is something that is very important but often we are so consumed with our work and concerned about day to day living that we forget. I believe that we are here to help each other ‘remember’ who and what we are. 

I am thankful for all of us who give so much to others and am looking forward to reaching out to a broader populace, via music and art.  

Blessings and Namaste!    Steve