Picture of Steve inspecting the roots of an old, windblown tree high in the Colorado Rocky mountains

Steve inspects roots of an old, long fallen, windblown tree high in the Colorado Rocky mountains.

Artist, musician and professional woodworker Steve Crook has worked with wood his entire life.  As a custom home builder he has built many outstanding custom homes. As well he as designed and built highly acclaimed custom designed commercial projects. During more than 50 years he has earned praise  for his outstanding work in each of his creative arenas.

With his recent retirement from building custom homes and his subsequent move to Florida, Steve decided to concentrate on yet another creative woodworking love – building fine furniture for select clients in his new Florida shop. With several custom furniture projects already underway Steve’s irrepressible wish to create continues unabated.

Here’s a sample gallery of recently completed custom fine furniture projects Steve created. If you like what you see and you’ve been thought about owning furniture that reflects your unique expression of style Contact Steve to share your ideas for furnishing your home.