For another of my painting art projects, I have completed the first of the Tuscany Series of Oil Paintings from my trip with Amy to Italy in November, 2016. A dear friend and I were walking from San Gimignano on a dirt road when I spotted a vineyard with a home within it. The home had a flat roof, (which became a pitched roof in the painting) but otherwise was quite striking in the afternoon sunlight. This, my first oil painting started as a ‘value study’ which allowed me to preview and make changes to the work prior to painting the completed picture. Having previewed the values, I decided to put the details into the painting, whereas many artists start the final painting from scratch .

Here is the finished painting today  on 12/14/16… sometimes you just have to call it ‘done’ ‘finished’ ‘complete’ and move on to the next art or musical project


Picture of Steve's painting of San Gimiango Vineyard home in Italy

San Gimignano Vineyard home in Italy