In late November-Early December 2016 we painted a Day of the Dead mural for Tequila’s Restaurant in Bergen Park, Colorado. It is an 8′ wide by 4′ high piece done in oils on a double primed canvas sheet that is installed in the main arch adjacent to the bar in the rear corner of the restaurant. It is an accent to all the other fine photographs of key places in Mexico that Arturo Garcia, the owner, personally installed and trimmed in cut stone.

"Day of the Dead" MuralHuge thanks to Chris Krieg, who is an accomplished artist that specializes in large scale paintings. He helped me by letting us use his wonderful studio space for the large painting and coached me in large scale painting techniques along with my sister Jane Kelley who ‘added the details’ to the characters in the mural. One thing Chris taught me which I will always remember is to ‘squint’ at the work so you see the shape ‘behind’ the details. This is an important concept because the ‘hidden shape’ is what gives the viewer the aesthetic experience in addition to viewing the content of the piece. 

These are the incarnations of the work from sketch to it’s present home at Tequila’s Family Restaurant, which is located adjacent to King Soopers and BTW has wonderful food and exquisite Margaritas, featuring the famous ‘Senior Jaime’ named in honor of Jim Sherwood who created it along with Arturo! 

Friday December, 9th. OK… it is painted!  …in all it’s weird glory!  ;^)    … and it is ‘in place’ on December 14th, 2016! 

Love to Jim and Kristina, who first suggested it, Arturo who commissioned it and all the staff who were so helpful while installing it.